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Recent News

March 2019

aTen Therapeutics attends Crown Bioscience’s Oncology Drug Discovery Symposium in Cambridge, exploring future approaches to cancer therapies.

February 2019

aTen Therapeutics welcomes Deanna Olubadewo as our new Research Assistant, on a work placement from the University of Edinburgh, via the Santander Universities Scheme.

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aTen Therapeutics’ lead candidate Tensinomab is a humanised single chain variable fragment (scFv) monoclonal antibody.

Tensinomab selectively modulates the angiotensin II Type 1 receptor (AT1R) which plays a central role in major diseases. In non-clinical testing, we have shown that Tensinomab has potential to treat a broad range of serious medical conditions.

Our lead development programme uses Tensinomab to treat primary cancers and protect against developing metastases, a major cause of cancer death.

In parallel, our development team is researching ATIR modulation to treat other major diseases.

There is mounting evidence demonstrating Tensinomab’s potential to become a significant new therapeutic agent and the aTen Therapeutics team is committed to exploring and exploiting this potential to extend and improve lives.

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