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August 2022

August 2022 aTen Therapeutics awarded £282k Innovate UK grant to develop new breast cancer treatment.

March 2020

aTen Therapeutics relocates to new offices at 1 Lochrin Square, Fountainbridge, Edinburgh EH3 9QA.

August 2019

Ian Abercrombie appointed Chief Executive Officer at aTen Therapeutics.


aTen Therapeutics’ lead candidate, ATN-E11 (‘Tensinumab’), is a novel human monoclonal antibody, generated using phage display technology, that targets and selectively modulates the angiotensin-II type I receptor (AT1R).

The AT1R is overexpressed in a range of different cancers, stimulating tumour growth and increasing the ability of malignant cancer cells to invade and migrate. By targeting this receptor, ATN-E11 has been shown to significantly inhibit tumour growth and prolong survival in experimental models of cancer.

We were recently awarded an Innovate UK grant of £282,000 to accelerate the development of ATN-E11, in collaboration with scientists at ARU (Cambridge).

In parallel with our oncology programme, we are also researching the potential of our technology to treat other major health conditions in which the overexpression of the AT1R drives disease severity and progression.

There is mounting evidence demonstrating the potential of our antibodies to provide powerful new treatment options in several disease areas. The aTen Therapeutics team is committed to realising this potential in order to extend and improve lives.

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